Age of Digital Television

By Gordon Chu | Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For those who follow the stock market, there was a flurry of action in Shanghai this past week in the media and telecom sectors. Why you ask? It was mainly driven by optimistic news on the Chinese government looking to invest and push the convergence of television, internet, and phone – otherwise more commonly known as triple play network.

From a purely technology perspective, triple play is really a no-brainer decision for the respective industries. While each of the three industries often operates separately and with different business models, all of them have the same technological backbone. More than just a technology benefit, triple play is really a natural evolutionary convergence of television (IPTV), internet, and telephony as it adapts to how consumers consume media. Especially now with multiple platform content that can exist online, television or mobile, triple play offers the perfect one-stop shop solution for all the viewing needs.

So far, the commercial success has been a great case study in the United States. It’s been having an enormous amount of success here in the States and on can theorize it will similarly have the same impact in China as well.

In the United States, elements of triple play’s full functionality has been available to consumers for several years, but since the launch of the bundled service in 2008, the market has seen tremendous growth in adoption (and this is just the beginning).