October Film

October 2012 in Film

October 5th

Frankenweenie- Tim Burton’s fourth stop-motion animated film, this film is an obvious homage to Frankenstein franchise from the 1930s. It is ambitious to make a widely released film black and white, and hopefully the good reviews will give audiences the courage to see it despite being part of a mostly dead shooting method. Burton’s other three stop action films were all great, particularly The Nightmare Before Christmas, so I think this should be more of the same.

Pitch Perfect- Most men will probably sit this one out and go see Taken 2 or Looper, while the girls will watch this film. That being said, it certainly looks like the most tolerable of the musical comedies released this year. It at least seems to contain a funny character, which is more than can be said of this genre more recently.

Taken 2- Did anybody elese say to themselves at the end of Taken, “Can’t wait to see where they take this franchise”? I don’t think really anyone did. It would be one thing if they did something else with Liam Neeson’s character besides rescuing his daughter again, but, like The Hangover 2, seems as if they are doing the exact same plot as the original. Taken was a fun film, but it by almost no means needed or deserved a sequel.

October 12th

Argo- Ben Affleck has really been on a roll recently and is starting to prove himself as a great director with Gone Baby Gone and The Town. It should be great to see what he can do with a concept as interesting as Canadian Caper. For those unfamiliar with this historical event, it was a hostage crisis where Islamic Extremists took over the US Embassy in Iran and took 52 Americans hostage. A joint adventure between the CIA and the Government of Canada send in agents posing as a Canadian film crew to help release six of the hostages.

Here Comes the Boom- Kevin James has come twice in one month to curse our theaters once more. Even worse, it is Happy Madison Production, which is pretty much the stamp of death on any given film. This doesn’t look as bad as Kevin James usual fare, which this time focuses on a teacher who tries to save the school’s music program by becoming an MMA wrestler, it is still focused on many corny jokes and Kevin James getting physically injured. At least this time it won’t focus solely on comedic aspects of Kevin James being injured constantly.

Seven Psychopaths- The third film from Martin McDonagh, who previously made the brilliant dark comedy In Bruges, is back with his next film Seven Psychopaths. The film focuses on a screenwriter who dreams of finishing a script about psychopaths, and his confrontations with thieves, murderers and gangsters that may well get him killed in the pursuit of writing a perfect screenplay. The film has gotten fantastic reviews thus far sitting at 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and has an equally stellar cast with Collin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, and Woody Harrelson.

Sinister- The first of the true horror films reaching the theaters this month, and looks to be the most frightening. The film stars Ethan Hawk and focuses on he and his family moving to a new house where they see signs of demonic murders through an old Super 8 camera and film, and it soon threatens to destroy his family as well.

October 19th

Alex Cross- To say it’s perplexing that Tyler Perry is starring in a book by James Patterson is an understatement. A guy known for terrible comedies and cross-dressing in fat suits isn’t the first person to jump in your head for playing Alex Cross. The film is directed by action veteran Rob Cohen, which isn’t a good sign since he hasn’t made one good film.

Paranormal Activity 4- It’s not only is it the forth film in the series that’s been released in 6 years, but the forth film comes out less than a year than its predecessor. And really who can blame the directors and producers. The production of these films is dirt cheap (the first one costing only fifteen grand to make) and they can film it in a week or two pretty easily. As long as it’s better than the previous two, I say just go ahead and film it.

October 26th

Chasing Mavericks- This film looks to be the stereotypical feel good sports film, this time about surfing. The film focuses on eventual surfing legend Jay Moriarty and his goal to ride America’s most dangerous wave. He is trained by an unlikely teacher played by Gerard Butler.

Cloud Atlas- Now the most expensive independent film of all time coming in at 100 million dollars, the Wachowskis return in hopefully spectacular fashion. I know little of this film, but the trailer definitely has me intrigued on what the film is actually about and how all those plots, characters, fantastical worlds intermingle together. It has thus far received great word-of-mouth from the Toronto Film Festival and will likely continue to be the Wachowskis first critically acclaimed film since The Matrix. The film features an all-star cast with Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent, Hugo Weaving, Hugh Grant, and Susan Sarandon.

Fun Size- Nickelodeon Movies sure have grown up, with one scene apparently containing a giant mechanical chicken humping a car. The plot revolves around a high school girl (played by Victoria Justice) having to take her little brother out trick-or-treating over partying for the night, only to lose him in the process. She enlists her best friend and a group of nerds to help find him and hilarity supposedly ensues. Will pretty much be a date night film for teens across America.