The Bruce Lee Project

Genre: TV Reality Show
Description: A reality show format based on the life-philosophy of Bruce Lee. Created initially for the China market with subsequent international sales.
Elements:  The development/production team has an international team, including Keanu Reeves and Shannon Lee, producer Jude Weng (Survivor) and production designer Anton Goss (The Voice), Ancillary projects planned Include; live events, health resorts, training facilities and merchandising.


In The News

Bruce Lee's Daughter, Shannon Visits Floyd Mayweather's Rival's Home

“Lee reportedly invited Pacquiao to participate in the reality-show "The Bruce Lee Project" in China as a coach."

Reality Today

Bruce Lee Biopic Being Developed by Daughter

“Bruce Lee Entertainment also has a TV series in development with director Justin Lin (Fast & Furious 6), and there is a reality show in development for the Chinese market with Keanu Reeves and Stephen Hamel of Company Films (John Wick).”

-The Hollywood Reporter

‘Passengers’ Stephen Hamel & Keanu Reeves Eye China For Sci-Fi Films & TV Series Slate

The Bruce Lee Project, a Chinese-language reality TV series based on competitions that weave in the teachings of the famed martial artist. Hamel is producing with Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee, Larry Namer and Michael Benaroya.

— Deadline